Sunday, September 26, 2010

Using flash cards

Flash cards are just for kids, right?  Wrong.

Flash cards, also known as study cards, are one of the most useful strategies you can use in studying human anatomy & physiology.

Here's a brief video that offers some practical tips for using study cards to reduce your study time and get a solid foundation in learning any topic.  This video also includes some surprising advanced techniques that show how to use flash cards to also learn higher-level thinking in any topic of A&P . . . or any other subject.

The video includes
  • A clear explanation of the Leitner system, plus my own "easy to use" adaptation of the Leitner system
  • Using color codes and symbols
  • How to use cards to learn processes and ordered structures
  • How to use cards to build concept maps (mind maps).

You can find many other tips on using flash cards at the newly updated page New Terms at and in previous articles in The A&P Student blog.

Looking for packaged study cards that you can use for your A&P course? 
Try Mosby's Anatomy & Physiology Study and Review Cards