Monday, September 1, 2014

DNA Replication in 3D Motion

When trying to get a grasp DNA replication—the copying of DNA prior to cell division—it often helps to see what's going.

The static diagrams accompanied by written narrative of the story in most textbooks are good places to start figuring out DNA replication—but it really helps if you can watch it all unfold in 3-dimensional motion.

I've found a video that really helps you understand the process.

A bit of advice before you watch it:
  1. You ought to read through the DNA replication story in your textbook and look at the diagrams there.  If you watch this cold, it may not help you as much.
  2. The details of how the DNA-replicating enzymes work and what they look like is not the important part of the story.  The important part is just seeing how it all works as a biochemical "machine."
  3. I recommend watching the video more than once.  You'll "get it" better that way, because it goes at a pretty fast clip.
  4. Eating popcorn while watching this movie is totally up to you!

Video source:

Image credit: madprime