Thursday, August 4, 2011

The art of listening

I just ran across a short video in which "listening expert' Julian Treasuresummarizes five easy ways to become a better listener. 

He also points out why listening is important and why it's a skill that, as a culture, we are losing.  And perhaps more importantly for our quest for success in our anatomy & physiology course, he mentions why good listening skills are important for students.

I see so many students "out of focus" and "out of tune" with what is happening in the A&P lecture and lab.  So I know that good listening skills are not common in today's students.  This video will help make you a better student!

Mr. Treasure also talks about having the"listening position" appropriate to the kind of listening in which we are engaged.

He sums up with a quick acronym, RASA, that helps us remember some key points in listening effectively:


Check out the video! (and listen carefully) 
Click image to view video