Monday, December 1, 2008

The Lion Den?!

What is this Lion Den, anyway?

The Lion Den website is over ten years old. Back in the days it began, the web was just starting to be used by professors for their students' benefit. Our college, like most others at the time, was not prepared for extensive web publication by faculty. So instead of waiting for the college's IT department to catch up to me, I decided to just create my own website.

Because I was a lion tamer in my youth, before I became an A&P professor, I thought a good name for my website would be related to big cats. was available, so I used that one. You'll notice that there is a section related to circus wild-animal training at the website.

But mainly, that's where I put the learning outlines that my students needed in their A&P courses. Then, I started adding study tips. Then PowerPoint slides. Then all kinds of help for my own students.

But as the years rolled on, I found that many students from all over the world were using the material at my website. So now I've begun posting resources that any A&P student might be able to use. Part of my goal of starting this The A&P Student blog is to help students find those resources . . . and many others . . . so that they can learn A&P more easily.

So that's why my website for students (and circus fans) is called!

Go check it out . . . and comment here about what you like, what you don't like, and what else you'd like to see added!

. . . and stay tuned for a major redesign of coming this summer!

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