Monday, January 19, 2009

Flashcard exchange

A big hurdle . . . the first hurdle . . . to learning A&P is getting a handle on the complex terminology of human science.

I shared in a recent article that flashcards are a good way to go in learning the basic terminology that you need to start learning the core concepts of A&P.

Did you know that there is a FREE online exchange where you can pick up flashcards for A&P, and share your own flashcards with other students.

Check it out at the FlashCard Exchange.


John Weidner said...

There are over a dozen sites on the web similar to flashcardexchange where you can create flashcards. A new site named lets you search all of them at once.

Kevin Patton said...

John, thanks for the recommendation. I tried it out and it's very easy and seems to return a lot of different choices.

TTDaVeTT said...

If you find exchange useful, then you should check out WordStash ( It is much easier to use and has more engaging games and quizzes. It's also totally free.

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