Friday, February 20, 2009

Free protein synthesis animations

I was subbing in an A&P class for my friend Mary Ann, and used some animations of transcription and translation.

I nearly got far enough to use some FREE animations available online at Virtual Cell.

The topic of protein synthesis, which includes some processes that I think are best visualized with an animation, has been the subject of many, many, many animated video clips.

A quick search of YouTube reveals several hundred entries for protein synthesis. Other keywords to search YouTube include transcription and translation.

Here are some examples . . .

Here's a good one that I found on YouTube . . .

This is an interesting video that animates the process of protein synthesis using people!

[If you can't see the video players in your email or news feed, then go directly to The A&P Student blog to view the videos.]

Have you found some nice animations on this topic?
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