Friday, April 24, 2009

Study Stack

In recent posts I mentioned flashcard rescources such as Flashcard Exchange and also recommended that you check the data in the resources before using them to study.

Here's another resource you might find useful:

This site allows you to choose a topic, then study the data in any of several formats:
  • notes
  • flashcards
  • study stack (try this one out . . . it's cool)
  • study table
  • matching
  • Hangman
  • crossword
  • wordsearch
  • unscramble
  • type in
  • bug match (this one is crazy, but fun)
You can also choose to
  • export the data
  • print the data
  • edit the data
  • recommend other options
For example, see the stack on the Endocrine System. Click on each of the formats to see what you get!

To find topics related to A&P, try these:

  • Medical/Nursing
  • Medical/Anatomy
  • Medical/Physiology

There are many different levels represented here, going all the way up through med-school level. So you'll have to pick the data that suits your needs.

How about this . . . why don't you make some stacks fo your own and put them up and then request a new category for undergrad A&P?

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