Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Study Cards

You may be interested in a new study tool that has just become available to anatomy and physiology students . . . Mosby's Anatomy & Physiology Study and Review Cards.

This boxed set of full-color study cards was assembled by my good friend Dan Matusiak, who is an excellent teacher of A&P. Using some the of amazing new art recently commissioned by Mosby (Elsevier Publishing), Dan has created a whole toolbox of helpful study cards to help you learn your A&P . . . then help you to quickly review it later.

There are 329 cards divided into 20 sections with handy color-coded sections to help you locate topics easily. Their 4 inch by 5.5 inch size means that they'll also stack easily with any 4 x 6 index cards that you may already be using to study A&P.

Additional features include:
  • This set introduces the user to the Leitner method, a time-tested strategy to improve retention and streamline study time through flash cards.

  • More than 200 of the cards feature a detailed A&P illustrations on the front, while the back identifies the anatomic structures or physiologic processes with numbered labels.

  • The set features hundreds of study questions with answers to reinforce core content.

  • Compact and convenient size makes it easy to study the cards wherever you choose.
Whether your breezing through A&P, or struggling to survive, this learning tool is worth checking out!

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